At International Auto Repair we are highly skilled in diagnosis and repair of rough idling and running probelms. Often the probelm can be fixed with a tune-up service. A tune-up combined with our Fuel System Service can be a great way to get your car running at its full potential.

What is a Tune-Up?

The term “tune-up” dates to the time when Henry Ford was working on this first automobile prototype.

In Ford’s simple ignition system, there was one ignition coil for each spark plug. If there were four spark plugs, there were four ignition coils, which needed to be adjusted to provide the same spark intensity for better idle and acceleration. As these ignition coils worked they made a buzzing sound, and when they were adjusted properly, they all buzzed in “tune.”

The term “tune-up” stuck and became associated with replacing spark plugs and correcting rough idle problems effecting engine performance.

Once the distributor was developed, the term “tune-up” had no meaning, but the consumer who was used to hearing this term around a garage still associated poor running quality with the need for a “tune-up.”

Today’s automobiles do not require “tune-ups.” The term indicates the need for routine maintenance and should not be associated with poor performance. Automobile manufacturers have developed recommended routine maintenance schedules, which specify intervals for replacing spark plugs, PCV valves, fuel filters, etc.

These schedules also specify intervals for checking or adjusting ignition timing, idle speed and other items related to engine operation, as well as emission control related devices.

If you experience any operating or performance problem between maintenance, let us perform an engine analysis. Make an appointment today!

Basic Tune-Up Services Included

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace air filter / inner breather, as required
  • Adjust ignition timing, as required
  • Adjust curb idle speed, as required
  • Visually check emissions-control related devices
  • Visually inspect spark plug wires
  • Visually inspect distributor cap and rotor, when accessible

Major Tune-Up Services Included

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Adjust ignition timing, as required
  • Adjust curb idle speed, as required
  • Visually inspect emission-control related devices
  • Replace spark plug wires
  • Replace distributor cap and rotor
  • Clean ISC motor, as required
  • Clean throttle body air intake
  • Visually inspect fuel lines and fuel rail
  • Pressure test fuel pump
  • Visually inspect fuel pump, pressure regulator, vacuum lines and connections
  • Road test vehicle