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We specialize in preventative maintenance that will keep your car reliable and offer years of dependable service. We can diagnose and repair some of the more complicated problems that arise in the modern computer-controlled car. Through the use of advanced diagnostic tools and years of experience, International Auto Repair can fix virtually any mechanical problem you have. We strive to ensure we accurately diagnose your problem so that we can have it fixed right the first time. We use the same tools and vehicle information as the dealerships, but provide a better customer service at a lower price.

We service all makes and models. Our maintenance programs comply with all dealer and extended warranty programs. You do NOT need to bring your car back to the dealer for maintenance to keep your warranty in force. We will keep a record of your service history and provide you with a copy at no charge upon request. This means that having your vehicle serviced here will not void that ever important power train warranty prematurely.

We will never pressure you into buying repairs or sell you repairs that aren't necessary.



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