Your car's manufacturer specifies carefully calculated adjustments and precise settings for wheel alignment that will reward you with maximum vehicle performance, optimum driving enjoyment and cost savings.

Why Is A Wheel Alignment Important?

Improper wheel alignment will result in difficult handling, greatly accelerated tire wear, poor fuel economy and excessive wear on your car's suspension system.

Steering or handling problems may include off-center steering wheel, steering pull, unsteady, lose steering or hard steering. You may also notice a change in steering direction after hitting bumps.

Unusual or accelerated tire wear may take the form of edge wear, diagonal wear or cupping wear that, if left unattended, will require premature tire replacement.

Failing to maintain proper wheel alignment will make it impossible to maintain factory specified suspension settings that control the quality of your ride.

Protect your investment in your vehicle by keeping your wheels properly aligned. If you bump a curb or hit a pot hole, have the alignment checked. If you have new tires installed or worn suspension parts replaced, be sure to have these repairs accompanied by a wheel alignment. And when you bring your vehicle for routine annual maintenance, let us check your wheel alignment.

Remember-- proper wheel alignment will optimize your vehicles ride, handling and steering capabilities. It makes your car safer and easier to drive. What's more, it will save you money by significantly extending the life or your tires and suspension!